Also spending too much precious time copy-pasting CVs?

As a recruiter, you receive the most exotic CVs from candidates, which you then want to present to your clients in a neat and professional manner in your own branding.

You have a beautiful template for this, but you quickly spend 15-30 minutes per CV copy-pasting. And with the hundreds of CVs that need to be processed per recruiter per year, that adds up quite a bit.

What if that manual work was no longer necessary?

"Altogether, we spent one full FTE per year on copy and pasting CVs. Thanks to this tool, this is now largely automated, allowing our colleagues to focus on the relationship with our candidates and clients."
Luuk - General director | STONE interim & detachering

The CV AI tool automates exactly this entire process, fully compliant with GDPR and your workflow, so you have time again to strengthen the relationship with your candidates and clients. The perfect CV in 5 minutes:

  1. Simply upload the candidate’s CV;
  2. The tool converts the entire CV to your own template;
  3. Check the CV and add any necessary details;
  4. Download the CV.


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🧑‍🎨 Custom CV design

We implement your existing (Word) template in the application for brand consistency.

📥 Uploading source files

Simply upload the CV you receive from the candidate (PDF or docx). We already support three languages (NL, ENG, DE) as input.

🧠 CV generation using A.I.

The application automatically recognizes the following elements of a CV and automatically fills them in the new CV:

Personal information

  • Role / function
  • Name
  • City of residence
  • Nationality
  • Profile photo (automatically recognised)
  • Motivation (automatically written)

Work experience

  • Job titles
  • Companies
  • Role descriptions
  • Period (Start and end month)


  • Institution
  • Description
  • Period (Start and end month)


  • Languages


  • Skills, automatically grouped into categories


  • Certificate title
  • Institution
  • Description
  • Validity of the certificate

🔤 Extra fields and options

In addition to the automatically generated fields, there are also various (optional) fields that are useful for a recruiter to complete:

  • Hourly rate for the client (optional)
  • Availability (optional)
  • Available from <date> (optional)
  • ID for the candidate in an external recruitment software (optional)
  • Easily anonymise the CV for the client (optional)

📤 Exporting the newly branded CVs

When the CV is exactly how you want it, you can export it to a PDF with the push of a button.

🔒 Privacy & security

  • No personal data is stored on our servers. When creating the CV, the data is processed in real-time, but once you close the application, the data is also removed from our end.
  • Regarding AI, we use Azure OpenAI within the EU. This means we can use the powerful GPT models from OpenAI, but with more control over privacy.
    • Data is not used for OpenAI’s training purposes.
    • Data does not go to the US and remains within Europe, ensuring compliance with laws and regulations.
  • All data is sent over secure, encrypted connections.
  • The application is secured with a password of your choice.
    • This is solely to prevent misuse, as no personal data is ever stored in the application.

💶 Pricing

One-time startup cost: € 1,500 ex. VAT

Monthly license: € 750 ex. VAT p.m.


The above prices apply to the as-is application.

Do you want other fields to appear in your template, more languages, or other additional wishes? We can always expand the application with new functionalities for an additional investment.


Are you interested or want to know more? Fill out the form at the bottom of the page and Werner will get back to you as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.

What is included?

Implementation of your CV layout in the application, based on your existing (Word) template.

The existing template you currently use will be converted to an HTML template for the application. This ensures that the generated CVs from the application look the same as the familiar (old) CVs.


  • The CVs will never look 100% identical.
  • Any costs for paid fonts are not included in these startup costs.

Own domain name & password protected
The application is hosted on our main domain and you get your own subdomain.

Digital onboarding in a video call
The application is self-explanatory. Per organization, we offer one digital onboarding, where we walk through the application and can answer questions.

Unlimited number of application users
The pricing model is currently purely based on the number of CVs processed per month.

Maximum 500 generated CVs per month
We apply a soft limit here. If you exceed 500 per month once in a while, we will not immediately deactivate the tool. If you consistently exceed the limit, we will discuss it with you.

☝️ Disclaimer

The application is not a replacement for the work but a tool to drastically speed up the conversion of CVs.

For reference: At STONE, they have saved about one full FTE in time thanks to the application, in an organization of 40-50 people.

Processing a CV through A.I. can take a few minutes, depending on the size and complexity of the CV. The above video has been shortened for demonstration purposes. The original length was 2:30 minutes.

Using A.I. is not always 100% foolproof and there can occasionally be errors. Always check the tool’s output.


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